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California Inspired Living

California Inspired Living

Each item is hand chosen by owner Kristin Lewis to help you create an effortlessly California aesthetic in your home.

Located in Laguna Beach, CA


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TGC Journal

  • February 16, 2021 How to Use a Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Set...... The 4-1-1
    How to Use a Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Set...... The 4-1-1

    How to Use a Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Set

    Coffee is the lifeblood of this fast-paced world, and it shows in the approximated 1.6% of the gross domestic product in the USA that coffee related pursuits generate. Americans, we love our morning juice; it’s unsurprising that there is always a search to make a better cup of coffee. 

    Enter the Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Set, which combines the best material with the best method for a fragrant, full-flavored cup of Joe that you never knew you needed before. So, what makes this coffee set so great? Here’s what you should know:

    Why Pour-Over? 

    At some point, many cafes abandoned the precision-oriented method of pour-over in favor of the uniformity and convenience that machines bring. However, pour-over is making a return, and for good reason. When hot water is steadily and manually poured over coffee, filter and cup, you can better control your cup. Temperature, strength, even the areas that the water touches are all factors within your power. 

    There is an unrivaled clarity to the coffee flavor and texture - and a pride in using your own hands and only a few quality tools that will heighten the experience of the drinker beyond a standard, bulky drip maker. 

    Pour-over method adds a minimalistic flair to your kitchen and allows you to start your day off fresh. The care, calm and concentration put into watching your favorite mug fill with smooth, fragrant coffee starts you out on the right foot, no matter the weather! 

    Why Ceramic? 

    When imagining our ideal coffee drinking experience, the two biggest factors we are likely to consider are the flavor and temperature of the coffee. Whether we want hot or iced coffee, black or flavored, we are looking to preserve those choices as long as we are drinking. 

    Out of the many materials we drink coffee from (stainless steel, glass, ceramic, paper, plastic, etc.), only two retain the flavor of the coffee without contamination: glass and ceramic. This is because they are neutral materials and won’t impart outside flavors or particles of their own to the coffee inside of them. 

    As for temperature, the best material is one that will maintain both heat and cold. Ceramic is the winner here as well due to its lower density material. Small pores allow heat to be preserved inside the cup rather than pushed out to the rest of the world.

    How to Use a Ceramic Pour-Over

    Step One: Place filter and rinse with hot water. This will get rid of any particles you don’t want, but also helps to preheat your brewer. Whatever heat you decide is best to use on your grounds, it is important to maintain consistency with that temperature.  Use clean water and freshly ground, uniform coffee (burr grinders give an easy, even grind) for results that make you say “aaaaahhhhhh...”

    Step Two: Weigh your desired amount of freshly ground coffee on a digital scale, and place it in the filter. Place the mug and filter on the scale to keep track of its ratio to the water. 

    Step Three: Boil water and pour from a goose-necked kettle evenly over the coffee grounds - and smell that coffee begin to brew! Depending on how you want your coffee, you can use multiple methods with differing ratios of water to coffee and styles of pouring, and time it on your timer. But the most important thing is to keep it poured evenly. 

    Step Four: Enjoy the best cup of coffee you have ever had the pleasure of drinking - made by your own hands! 

    Looking for some more stylish wares for your kitchen, living room, dining room? Be sure to stop by and browse Garage Collective Laguna today.
  • February 06, 2021 Love Don't Cost A Thing!!!
    Love Don't Cost A Thing!!!
    Love really shouldn't cost a thing.  Here are two DIY's that are not only FUN to make but don't break the bank.
    DIY Polymer Clay Knot Paper Weight click HERE for a fun video we found on Pinterest.  

    Or get creative and make a fun DIY organic shaped Trivet!!!!

    Just roll out the clay same way as the above tutorial, lay them side by side and cut to get an even edge.  Then toss them in the oven to seal the deal!

    Shower someone with these FREE ideas!!

    Top 11 Ways to show someone you care for FREE
    Enter our giveaway, currently on the IG
    Fresh cut blooms or branches from the neighborhood
    Make a coupon book
    Take a pic on your phone and make it a new wallpaper
    Wash their car
    Write 10 things you love about them
    Teach them something
    Ask them to teach you something
    Make a music playlist
    Breakfast in bed
    Call them
    And if you need a little something something.  Shhhh a new jewelry drop just hit the shop and it has us giving all the heart eyes right now.  Peek HERE.
  • January 31, 2021 January EDIT
    January EDIT

    January is the perfect month for reflection, renewal and editing your home. Once the holiday decorations are (eventually) put away, we have a few new rad products to refresh your space. 

    Meet Rattan. The perfect basket for your new house plant, hiding the kiddos new toys, dirty laundry....the possibilities are endless. 

    Stick to your New Years Resolutions by starting the day with a cup of coffee in these beauties. The Ceramic Pour Over & Coffee Mug Set

    Julia is our latest Turkish Oushak Runner and is the perfect asset to updating the look of any room. 

  • January 27, 2021 Drinking Clean
    Drinking Clean

    We all know that drinking H2O is good for you....helps flush out toxins, improves energy levels, keeps skin clear....but sometimes, water can just be so, so boring. Below, please a few easy, yet tasty, collection of detox water recipes that will make you feel good from the inside out.

    Lemon Cucumber Mint 

    • Six cups of H20
    • 3 Large Lemons - squeezed and can throw the quarters in as well
    • 1 Large Cucumber Sliced
    • 8 Sprigs of Mint 

    Lemon Cayenne Pepper 

    • 1 cup H2O
    • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
    • 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
    • 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar 
    • 1 inch of fresh ginger
    • 1 teaspoon of maple syrup 

    Fruit Infused Sparkling H2O

    • 1 cup sparkling water
    • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
    • 1/4 - 1/2 cup of fresh berries 

    P.S. Serve these beauties in our Seagrass pitcher