Bamboo Dish Brush


Who doesn't want a dish-brush that is long and strong Did you know most brushes, even ones labelled "eco", use either plastic bristles or animal hair bristles? No thank you! We want it all natural and with no animal byproducts please. So we made our handles out of sustainable bamboo with 100% plant fibre Sisal for the bristles. Who knew a dish brush could look this classy?! What you get 1 x bamboo handle dish brush with a removable and replaceable head. Why we love it -100% plant-fibre, non-plastic Sisal bristles

Height: 16" H

Sustainable bamboo handles -Fully vegan -Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms

What's Sisal: Sisal, with the botanical name Agave sisalana, is a species of Agave native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated and naturalized in many other countries.