Madouk Collection

Kara - Available in multiple sizes


The Kara was created in the village of Azilal located in the high Atlas mountains of Morocco. Its variety in bold colors are a mix of natural plant dyes that has seeped into the raw virgin wool over time.

Materials: 100% organic raw virgin wool with naturally dyed wool

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  • Sustainable sourcing & materials
  • Revenue shared with product makers
  • 100% made by hand
  • Women-owned business
  • Non-toxic natural materials

Care Instructions: 

Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks


You can vacuum your rug! Preferably with a vacuum with no beater bar to cause the least friction possible to the wool.

Removing dust

Shake your rug outside or hang it and hit it with a broom handle to remove the dust.


Small rugs can be thrown in the washing machine on a gentle setting with cold water then dry outside in the sun. Avoid using shampoos, but if you must, use a natural unscented fabric wash.

In-home cleaning of larger rugs is not recommended. If you do clean at home, take the rug outside to water with the hose and air dry in the sun.