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Decorating with Vintage Art

Any and every home can use a little bit of vintage art. Whether you are eclectic and rustic or modern and minimal, there is a way to seamlessly incorporate your favorite finds into your home.
  • Want to add a touch of vintage to your more modern and streamlined space? Find a piece you love and pair it with a few more modern pieces. Have all of the frames match for a cohesive and uniform look.
  • Looking for your first piece? Start small. Find a painting small enough to fit on a shelf and lean it behind some of your favorite items. Try it in different spaces throughout your house. Before you know it you’ll want one for every shelfie.
  • Go big. Make a statement with an entire collection. As your collection grows display them all together in a large gallery, or grouped on a mantel.
Kristen from KRT HOME
the vintage curator at the GARAGE collective

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