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The Best DIY Face Mask for Spring

The Best DIY Face Mask for Spring

The Best DIY Face Mask for Spring

Winter is finally behind us and it’s time for Spring showers and sunshine. If the cold winter months have left you skin feeling dry and dull, you’re not alone. Our fav solution is a simple DIY facial mask to make and use at home rather than taking an expensive trip to the salon or spa.

Papaya Skin-Brightening Face Mask

This is a very simple face mask meant to bring a natural glow back to your complexion. You’ll get rid of those dead, dry skin cells thanks to the natural exfoliator in the Papaya, leaving your skin bright and beautiful. Not only does honey help bind this all together, it will also soothe your skin.

What You Need:

  • ½ cup of mashed papaya
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 whipped egg white

Make the Mask:

  1. Separate your egg white and whisk it until it has a soft whipped texture. If you’re not sure how to separate an egg white, you’re not alone. It can seem a little daunting at first, but it’s really not so bad. Check out this video for help.
  2. Cut and mash your papaya. If you have food processor, this step is super simple! If not, just cut up the papaya and mash it by hand with a potato masher or sturdy fork.
  3. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl.

Use the Mask:

Once the mask is ready, it’s time to make sure you are too! Pull your hair back from your face to make sure you don’t get any stray strands in the mask—remember, there’s honey in it so it’s going to be a little sticky!

We like to use face masks as a part of our self care, so we usually create a nice, relaxing atmosphere before we put the mask on. Wear comfy clothes and put on some soothing music. Maybe light your favorite candle for some aromatherapy as well!

Make sure your face is clean. You don’t need to scrub, just a good rinse with warm water and pat it dry with a towel. Then carefully apply the mask with your fingers, making sure to avoid the area around your eyes. 

Sit back and relax and let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes. Practice a little mindfulness or meditation while you let the mask sit. When the time is up, wash the mask off with warm water and scrub your face well to really exfoliate. 

That’s it! Your skin will have a bright glow almost instantly!

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Why This is the BEST Cocktail for Spring

Why This is the BEST Cocktail for Spring

More and more places are starting to come out of lockdown and as more and more people get vaccinated, it’s getting safer to gather. After so long apart, you might be looking to reconnect with friends and family. Whether you’re looking to host a small gathering of your own or simply want a delicious drink all to yourself, we’ve found the BEST cocktail for this Spring.

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Benefits of Journaling

Benefits of Journaling

5 Benefits of Journaling

Keeping a regular journal can be a difficult habit to build, but one that is worth the effort. Journaling is a hugely helpful tool to have in your self-care kit and can be extremely low cost or free altogether. Whether you choose to type on your preferred device or write in a physical journal is really up to you. As is how often you choose to journal and at what time of day.

Reduce Stress

Keeping a journal can be extremely therapeutic because it gives you a safe outlet to process fears, worries, or insecurities. Your journal never has to be seen by anyone else so there’s no pressure to make it sound eloquent. It’s something just for you. 

If you choose to do your journal writing at the end of the day, it can be a way to set things aside before bed, which can help you sleep better. Instead of laying in bed and running through tasks you know you need to complete or worrying over your work for the next day, you can put that energy into your journal and set it aside. A symbolic, but helpful, way of clearing your mind to help you sleep.

Practice Mindfulness

While journaling can be a great way to end the day and process stressful--or even traumatic--events, it can also be a way to set positive intentions. This can be especially helpful if you prefer to practice your journaling in the mornings.

You can use your journal as a place to track goals and set intentions for the day. These could be working toward larger goals or they could be small and simple things. Using your journal to stop and give thanks for the good things in your life lets you focus on the positive rather than dwelling on the negative.

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

By writing about not just what happened during a day, but also how it made you feel, you’ll begin to get more in touch with your feelings. This lets you process your thoughts and emotions together and that can lead to a better understanding of why and when certain emotions are evoked. This can also help you better understand how actions may influence emotions of those around you in ways you hadn’t previously considered.

Boost Your Memory

Writing information down--particularly when you write by hand--is proven to help your brain encode information and increase your retention. This is why you’re encouraged to take notes in school. Rather than letting information flow in one ear and out the other, you’re actually processing what’s important and writing it down. It also adds a physical component that further reinforces your processing, which is why writing by hand is better for your memory than typing.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Even though your journal is something that typically won’t be seen by others, it does force you to put your thoughts and feelings into words. Just as you would practice any other skill, the more you write the better you will become at writing, and communicating in general. 


The five benefits we’ve included here are just a few of the benefits of keeping a regular journal. It can be a meditative practice that will improve your mental and emotional well-being. Some believe that benefits can even extend to better physical healing! So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pen and paper and start journaling!

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Our Favorite F Word…

Our Favorite F Word…

Our Favorite F Word…

Flowers! Spring is finally here and with it comes colorful blooms and fresh greenery. Adding flowers will liven up any room and bring a natural freshness to your home. Even if you’re not a pro florist, you can still create a beautiful floral arrangement for your home.

We’ll walk you through some 5 easy steps to help you craft a beautiful floral arrangement with minimal stress or effort.

Step One: Choose Your Flowers

Before you can begin, you need to select the flowers and foliage that you’d like to include in your arrangement. You can choose flowers of the same color for a tonal effect, or choose contrasting colors for something a bit more bold. 

Choosing flowers can help you determine the type and style of vase that you want to use, but we’ll talk more about vases in a moment.

If you’re not really sure what will go together, purchase a premade bouquet to add to your favorite vase! We always recommend shopping local to support small businesses and here in Laguna Beach, we LOVE French Buckets Florist.

For a long-lasting—and low maintenance—arrangement, you could use faux flowers or dried flowers. We offer an assortment of dried flower bouquets to take the guesswork out of your flower selection. You can also see our tips for drying your own flowers!

Step Two: Find the Perfect Vase

Maybe you already have a favorite vase in mind, or maybe you’re looking for a statement piece to add some flair to your room. Consider the flowers you’ve selected to help you determine the size of vase you’ll need. For example, if you’re making a very large arrangement, you may want a sturdier vase. If your arrangement will be a centerpiece on a dining table, you will want a short vase so you can still look at your guests while you converse.

For something smaller, we recommend our Classic Terra Cotta Vase. There are two size options, both under 5” tall. The dark glaze will contrast beautifully against bright colors or neutral tones, making this vase truly versatile.

For larger statement pieces, we love our Leather Wrapped Vases and Tumblers—available in multiple colors and stitch patterns. The simple, clean lines of these vases will compliment your floral arrangement without detracting from the natural beauty of the flowers you choose.

Step Three: Add Foliage First

You might be more focused on the flowers you’ve chosen, but it’s important to start with the foliage. Particularly with larger arrangements, the foliage will create the structure to support your flowers. Trim not just the stems, but also any foliage that will be below the rim of the vase because if there are leaves in the water, it will sour.

Spread the foliage pieces out and put them in the vase at different angles, not just straight up and down. They’ll brace against the side of the vase the criss-crossing pattern will help support the flowers you’ll be adding later.

Step Four: Flowers!

Now it’s time to add the real stars of the show. One at a time, trip the stems and leaves before inserting flowers into the arrangement. How you choose to place your flowers can vary. If you’re using multiple types of flowers, you might want to group them in clusters or you might want to spread them out.

As you continue to place your flowers in the arrangement, take a step back and look for any gaps. If the arrangement will be some sort of centerpiece that will be viewed from all sides, remember to walk around or turn the arrangement. You don’t want to have a huge gap on one side of your centerpiece because you forgot to turn it while you arranged the flowers!

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Once the foliage and flowers are in place, you can consider adding additional details to add texture to the arrangement. This could be “filler” like Baby’s Breath or Queen Anne’s Lace. For a rustic, organic look, you could also add dried seed pods, cotton, or grains of wheat.

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re using fresh, cut flowers, be sure to top off the water in your case. If you purchased a bouquet of flowers, it likely came with a packet of “plant food” that can be added to the water. Otherwise, you can add sugar or a small amount of bleach to the water. Make sure to trim back dried or dying foliage and flowers and change the water every couple of days to keep cut flowers fresh longer!

Now you’re ready to get out there and make your own floral arrangements. Connect with us on social media and share your beautiful creations with us!

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Decorating with Vintage Art

Any and every home can use a little bit of vintage art. Whether you are eclectic and rustic or modern and minimal, there is a way to seamlessly incorporate your favorite finds into your home.
  • Want to add a touch of vintage to your more modern and streamlined space? Find a piece you love and pair it with a few more modern pieces. Have all of the frames match for a cohesive and uniform look.
  • Looking for your first piece? Start small. Find a painting small enough to fit on a shelf and lean it behind some of your favorite items. Try it in different spaces throughout your house. Before you know it you’ll want one for every shelfie.
  • Go big. Make a statement with an entire collection. As your collection grows display them all together in a large gallery, or grouped on a mantel.
Kristen from KRT HOME
the vintage curator at the GARAGE collective

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How to Use a Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Set...... The 4-1-1

How to Use a Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Set...... The 4-1-1

How to Use a Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Set

Coffee is the lifeblood of this fast-paced world, and it shows in the approximated 1.6% of the gross domestic product in the USA that coffee related pursuits generate. Americans, we love our morning juice; it’s unsurprising that there is always a search to make a better cup of coffee. 

Enter the Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Set, which combines the best material with the best method for a fragrant, full-flavored cup of Joe that you never knew you needed before. So, what makes this coffee set so great? Here’s what you should know:

Why Pour-Over? 

At some point, many cafes abandoned the precision-oriented method of pour-over in favor of the uniformity and convenience that machines bring. However, pour-over is making a return, and for good reason. When hot water is steadily and manually poured over coffee, filter and cup, you can better control your cup. Temperature, strength, even the areas that the water touches are all factors within your power. 

There is an unrivaled clarity to the coffee flavor and texture - and a pride in using your own hands and only a few quality tools that will heighten the experience of the drinker beyond a standard, bulky drip maker. 

Pour-over method adds a minimalistic flair to your kitchen and allows you to start your day off fresh. The care, calm and concentration put into watching your favorite mug fill with smooth, fragrant coffee starts you out on the right foot, no matter the weather! 

Why Ceramic? 

When imagining our ideal coffee drinking experience, the two biggest factors we are likely to consider are the flavor and temperature of the coffee. Whether we want hot or iced coffee, black or flavored, we are looking to preserve those choices as long as we are drinking. 

Out of the many materials we drink coffee from (stainless steel, glass, ceramic, paper, plastic, etc.), only two retain the flavor of the coffee without contamination: glass and ceramic. This is because they are neutral materials and won’t impart outside flavors or particles of their own to the coffee inside of them. 

As for temperature, the best material is one that will maintain both heat and cold. Ceramic is the winner here as well due to its lower density material. Small pores allow heat to be preserved inside the cup rather than pushed out to the rest of the world.

How to Use a Ceramic Pour-Over

Step One: Place filter and rinse with hot water. This will get rid of any particles you don’t want, but also helps to preheat your brewer. Whatever heat you decide is best to use on your grounds, it is important to maintain consistency with that temperature.  Use clean water and freshly ground, uniform coffee (burr grinders give an easy, even grind) for results that make you say “aaaaahhhhhh...”

Step Two: Weigh your desired amount of freshly ground coffee on a digital scale, and place it in the filter. Place the mug and filter on the scale to keep track of its ratio to the water. 

Step Three: Boil water and pour from a goose-necked kettle evenly over the coffee grounds - and smell that coffee begin to brew! Depending on how you want your coffee, you can use multiple methods with differing ratios of water to coffee and styles of pouring, and time it on your timer. But the most important thing is to keep it poured evenly. 

Step Four: Enjoy the best cup of coffee you have ever had the pleasure of drinking - made by your own hands! 

Looking for some more stylish wares for your kitchen, living room, dining room? Be sure to stop by and browse Garage Collective Laguna today.

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Love Don't Cost A Thing!!!

Love Don't Cost A Thing!!!

Love really shouldn't cost a thing.  Here are two DIY's that are not only FUN to make but don't break the bank.
DIY Polymer Clay Knot Paper Weight click HERE for a fun video we found on Pinterest.  

Or get creative and make a fun DIY organic shaped Trivet!!!!

Just roll out the clay same way as the above tutorial, lay them side by side and cut to get an even edge.  Then toss them in the oven to seal the deal!

Shower someone with these FREE ideas!!

Top 11 Ways to show someone you care for FREE
Enter our giveaway, currently on the IG
Fresh cut blooms or branches from the neighborhood
Make a coupon book
Take a pic on your phone and make it a new wallpaper
Wash their car
Write 10 things you love about them
Teach them something
Ask them to teach you something
Make a music playlist
Breakfast in bed
Call them
And if you need a little something something.  Shhhh a new jewelry drop just hit the shop and it has us giving all the heart eyes right now.  Peek HERE.

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January EDIT

January EDIT

January is the perfect month for reflection, renewal and editing your home. Once the holiday decorations are (eventually) put away, we have a few new rad products to refresh your space. 

Meet Rattan. The perfect basket for your new house plant, hiding the kiddos new toys, dirty laundry....the possibilities are endless. 

Stick to your New Years Resolutions by starting the day with a cup of coffee in these beauties. The Ceramic Pour Over & Coffee Mug Set

Julia is our latest Turkish Oushak Runner and is the perfect asset to updating the look of any room. 

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Drinking Clean

Drinking Clean

We all know that drinking H2O is good for you....helps flush out toxins, improves energy levels, keeps skin clear....but sometimes, water can just be so, so boring. Below, please a few easy, yet tasty, collection of detox water recipes that will make you feel good from the inside out.

Lemon Cucumber Mint 

  • Six cups of H20
  • 3 Large Lemons - squeezed and can throw the quarters in as well
  • 1 Large Cucumber Sliced
  • 8 Sprigs of Mint 

Lemon Cayenne Pepper 

  • 1 cup H2O
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • 1 inch of fresh ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of maple syrup 

Fruit Infused Sparkling H2O

  • 1 cup sparkling water
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup of fresh berries 

P.S. Serve these beauties in our Seagrass pitcher



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How to infuse Pantone's colors of 2021 into your home

How to infuse Pantone's colors of 2021 into your home

Pantone - trend forecasters that translate the world around us into a shade for the coming year - have chosen two colors for 2021; Ultimate Gray & Illuminating yellow. Here are a few ways to infuse them into your home.

Someone say flowers? What better way to brighten a room than with some beautiful, yellow flowers. Companies like Urban Stems have curated floral arrangements dedicated to this years colors with both fresh and dried options so you can have centerpieces for months to come. We love us some low-maintenance style. 

Accent pieces. If you want to have a few highlights of the colors throughout your home consider updating your dish towels, throw pillows and bathmats  in hues of grays and yellows.

Commit to it. Consider purchasing a big ticket item in 2021's color themes. The good news is that out of the two options, gray never really goes out of style so you're likely to love a new vintage rug, chair, or linens in this hue for years to come. 

Plate it. Chances are we will be continuing to dine-in for the foreseeable future...why not serve up tonights dinner on a beautiful new platter or set of plates? Dedicate tonights meals to 2021 and all new things on the horizon. 

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