If you are familiar with TGC, you know we take pride in selling many hand-made items by local artist! With it being national craft month, we thought, why not try our hand DIYing some home décor? If that's something you're interested in too, keep reading to hear about the top 5 crafts we found on Pinterest!


- #1 First on our list of DIY favorites is: Match Strikers!

These are something super chic and simple that you can place in any room of the house alongside your favorite candle. Use them to hold matches or even a taper candle. Not feeling up to a DIY project? No problem! Check out our cute Match Strikers that are ready to ship.

Link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/239113061457546241/



- #2 Next up, we have: Clay Coasters!

In 2022, clay is all the rage. From home décor to hand-made jewelry, clay DIY projects are on the rise. And you know what else is popular on the charts? Marble! Luckily, we have a happy combination of these two beauties with our beautiful Marble Coasters if you'd rather purchase instead of DIY. Check em' out!

Link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/239113061457537587/



- #3 Speaking of Marble...Funky Marble displays!

Remember how we were just talking about marble? Well, it is back in stock! Although marble can be a little more difficult to DIY, expert crafters have found look-alike materials that are just as fun! If you're interested in making your own display - maybe make a fun girl's day out of it - click the link below! But if you'd rather have marble, we have a variety of marble accent pieces that can fit any style.

Link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/239113061456303871/



- #4 Are we in the wild west? Because...Leather is front and center!

Another huge Pinterest and TGC staple is our leather-wrapped vases! Whether in black or tan, a leather vase can make any bouquet just a bit edgier. With it being craft month, another way you can celebrate crafting (if you don't particularly enjoy doing it yourself) is to support small local businesses! Check out our Leather Wrapped Vases and see if they're for you!

Link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AXVZbLO3ZTJXEL5b2CZHvvPe01Qd7dA4jyVTCwp8TgGfn8HgP0bezfU/



- #5 And last, but not least, Hand-Painted Mugs!

As someone who loves to paint just as much as I love drinking coffee, this fun DIY sounds like a great activity for anyone and everyone! Whether you want to pull out the paintbrushes and check out a how-to video, or you want to check out some of our hand-painted Double M Pottery, you are sure to have loads of fun! For a fun paint-day, check out the link below!

Link: https://www.crafts-women.com/amp/diy-acrylic-painted-mugs




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