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Love Don't Cost A Thing!!!

Love Don't Cost A Thing!!!

Love really shouldn't cost a thing.  Here are two DIY's that are not only FUN to make but don't break the bank.
DIY Polymer Clay Knot Paper Weight click HERE for a fun video we found on Pinterest.  

Or get creative and make a fun DIY organic shaped Trivet!!!!

Just roll out the clay same way as the above tutorial, lay them side by side and cut to get an even edge.  Then toss them in the oven to seal the deal!

Shower someone with these FREE ideas!!

Top 11 Ways to show someone you care for FREE
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Fresh cut blooms or branches from the neighborhood
Make a coupon book
Take a pic on your phone and make it a new wallpaper
Wash their car
Write 10 things you love about them
Teach them something
Ask them to teach you something
Make a music playlist
Breakfast in bed
Call them
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