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Dried Flowers for Fall

Dried Flowers for Fall

Flowers can transform a home as easily as the change in seasons. For fall, we love to switch out our super colorful, tropical-esq summer florals for varieties that are slightly more earthy tones and longer lasting. 

One great option is creating dried flowers. A super easy technique that can be beautifully displayed during the plants transformative process. 

According to Malcolm Hillier, coauthor of The Complete Book of Dried Flowers, at least 80% of all plants can be preserved. Some of our favorite plants for drying include; roses, hydrangeas, lavender (emits a beautiful scent for many months), peony and globe thistle.

You can easily dry your choice of flowers by simply hanging stems in bunches on walls. Can use our Teddy Hook to display the flowers as they dry out or lie them in baskets such as our Portland Bucket Basket

Once flowers are dried (can take anywhere from two weeks to a few months), have fun displaying them throughout your home - our current fave is placing them in our new Thalia Vase in Black leather. 

Dec 05, 2020


Dec 05, 2020


Dec 05, 2020


Dec 05, 2020



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