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How to infuse Pantone's colors of 2021 into your home

How to infuse Pantone's colors of 2021 into your home

Pantone - trend forecasters that translate the world around us into a shade for the coming year - have chosen two colors for 2021; Ultimate Gray & Illuminating yellow. Here are a few ways to infuse them into your home.

Someone say flowers? What better way to brighten a room than with some beautiful, yellow flowers. Companies like Urban Stems have curated floral arrangements dedicated to this years colors with both fresh and dried options so you can have centerpieces for months to come. We love us some low-maintenance style. 

Accent pieces. If you want to have a few highlights of the colors throughout your home consider updating your dish towels, throw pillows and bathmats  in hues of grays and yellows.

Commit to it. Consider purchasing a big ticket item in 2021's color themes. The good news is that out of the two options, gray never really goes out of style so you're likely to love a new vintage rug, chair, or linens in this hue for years to come. 

Plate it. Chances are we will be continuing to dine-in for the foreseeable future...why not serve up tonights dinner on a beautiful new platter or set of plates? Dedicate tonights meals to 2021 and all new things on the horizon. 

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