Meet Lindsay Wallstrum | Leaf + Lolo


Lindsay Wallstrum, the founder of Leaf and Lolo, an interior plant design firm and kind of my IG crush @leafandlolo!!!!

As an Interior Plant Designer she incorporates the wellness benefits of plants along with their beauty to create an inviting green space for her clients.

When she's not getting her hands dirty, you can find her with her husband and two dogs in Petaluma, California or traveling the world in search of her next wish list plant.

HERE is Lindsay’s top plant tips:

1. An easy (and free!) way to grow your indoor jungle is by propagating! Bonus, you can use your propagating leaves as decor as well. 
2. Wipe down those leaves! Not only will your plant be shiny and beautiful, but removing that layer of dust will allow your plant to absorb light and photosynthesize easier.
3. Create a seating area amongst your plants as way to relax, take in their beauty and enjoy a bit of the outdoors while inside. 


Follow Lindsay on IG @leafandlolo and learn more at !!!!

Head to our IGTV series LIFEstyled, saved in highlights for a cuuuuute video from Linds and more goodies.


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