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Winter solstice a ritual for release and renewal

Winter solstice a ritual for release and renewal

keep softening even when (especially when) it’s hard. leaning into the present moment aligns your soul to the future you desire. 

Winter solstice marks the onset of winter and the darkest day of the year. with the darkest day of the year, however, we have the cycle turning over to move back toward the light. Such a powerful reminder that as soon as we hit our darkest point, there is a light on the other side. Once cycle closes and another begins. this is a wonderful time to create a ceremony to release anything no longer serving you and welcome in blessings and possibility. This year it feels especially potent to honor all the darkness experienced in our lives and across the world.

Creating ceremony & ritual always leaves me with the sense of wholeness and assurance that I am on my path. I believe we all have a vast inner sanctuary, which if accessed regularly keeps us aligned with our soul’s purpose, our north star.  

December 21st holds a powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection. The stars align tonight in great conjunction to create the Christmas star (for the first time in over 800 years) which i’m seeing as a blessing, a cosmic sign for the weariness this year inflicted. 2020 was an intense year leaving so many of us feeling unsafe, unsteady and unsupported. Yet rather than label this year as one long awful experience, I’m looking to bring another layer of understanding to it. With so much change came awareness. With awareness came so much unlearning. Unlearning offered an invitation to assess. Assess the aspects within us that so often get in our way. This year gave us a chance for a new perspective. a chance to sit with uncertainty. A chance to relax the hold of a known reality. I find that by not knowing what the future has in store we often find the qualities we need to grow. By learning to how embrace all our experiences in life, even though we may not like them, we may wish they hadn’t happened, yet by finding a way to soften into the truth of them and their inevitable lessons, may in fact bring us the greatest rewards.

These lives of ours carry so much. Grief, sorrow, joy, loss, hope, bitterness, curiosity, anger, passion, shame, regret, fear, faith and love. Tonight, with the potency of this solstice I’m looking deep within my bones at all i’ve carried this life. I'm looking to soften into the hurts release the need to carry the weight of loneliness in my spirit. Tonight i will sit with it all, hold it close like a beloved, lean into the feelings and listen to the wisdom it offers and with a deep bow, release it into the darkness.

I invite you to do the same. What wants to be heard, felt, and seen for release within you? How are you being called to grow? Taking time to listen, to nurture yourself is not only incredibly healing, it is necessary for your own evolution, after all, you are the reason you are here.

So together on this dark cosmic night let's set it all free and grow the light within alongside the light that is returning.

may the longtime light shine upon you,

all love surround you and the pure light within you,

guide your way home

Here are some ideas for creating your own container for ritual tonight:

Gather some of the items in your home you love. I used vintage home decor items from The Garage Collective. I love (to bring in joy) candles (to remember my light) crystals (energy allies to magnify intentions), oracle cards (divine wisdom), dried herbs (honoring the earth) and orange slices (welcoming the sun) and a list of of all I’m releasing, forgiving and calling in. once you’ve created a small sacred space simply light your candles and pause.


 Once you’ve sat in silence with your altar for a moment, you can write out your intentions, or say them aloud or sing, or read a blessing, or dance, even cry!!! Then if it feels right to you, burn the words, herbs and essential oils in a heat safe bowl as your cauldron. I then close the ritual in gratitude, misting myself with a clearing spray followed with 3 deep breaths honoring my past, present and future.

Here’s to nurturing yourself, to your healing, to the community and all our relations. Wishing you deep and lasting peace tonight, this Christmas and into the new year.

Many blessings from my heart to yours.


Bridget Ambrose


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