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Less is More!

Less is More!

I don’t know about you, but this year I want to be intentional about the holidays and get lasting gifts! Here are a couple of gift ideas for you or your gal pals...


So here we have the Jumbo Candle that comes with the matches and you can strike them on the side of the candle holder. The three for one deal! Next there is the Brit vase which is one of my favorites. You can take the fam or friends to go on a hike and pull some wild flowers to fill this beautiful vase. After that hike you might want to grab the Cambria tumblers and buy a nice bottle of wine from Trader Joe’s. Lastly, the stripe dish towels would go good with the tumblers or the vase. These towels fit with any style home. All of these items are good solo or mixed with other items. Happy gifting!

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