It's apple picking time! A super fun fall activity and also a great excuse to infuse some fresh apples into happy hour. Below, is a roundup of some fall-infused (and super easy to make), cocktails. Sip and enjoy! 

Apple Cider Sangria 


  • Apple, pear and orange
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Dry red wine
  • Apple Cider 


  • Cut the fruit up in small chunks
  • Combine the fruit with sugar and cinnamon in large serving bowl and let it stand at room temperature for at one- two hours (the sugar helps break down the fruit)
  • Add the bottle of red wine.
  • When read to serve, pour half the glass with red wine mixture and top off with apple cider
  • Have fun with garnishes! We like to add a sprig of rosemary or cinnamon stick.
  • Sip, repeat and enjoy! 

Apple Cider Mule 


  • Apple Cider
  • Vodka
  • Lime
  • Ginger Beer 


  1. Pour 1/4 cup vodka, 1 tablespoon lime juice, and 1/4 cup apple cider into a copper mug or serving glass of your choice. Add about 1/3 cup ginger beer.
  2. Add ice and garnish with lime.

Cranberry Apple Margarita 


  • 2 oz silver tequila
  • 2 oz apple cider
  • 2 oz. cranberry juice
  • 1 oz. orange juice
  • Ice
  • Brown sugar and granulated sugar for rimming glass


  • On a small plate, mix together equal parts of brown sugar and granulated sugar until evenly mixed. Dip the rim of each glass in a little bit of water, and then in the sugar mixture to coat rim. 
  • Add ice to a cocktail shaker. Add the tequila, apple cider, cranberry juice, and orange juice.
  • Shake, shake, shake and pour into cocktail glass. 


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